Real Estate Litigation 

If you are involved in a real estate dispute, contact Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. for effective and skilled legal representation.

Both residential and commercial real estate transactions are complex in nature, involve substantial financial consideration, and present different risks to the parties involved. Real estate represents the biggest investment most people will ever make and issues can arise despite the best effort and good intentions of the parties involved. While buyers and sellers work to avoid legal problems, the closing process can be derailed by unexpected events, exposing the parties to the risk of litigation. 

Disputes involving real estate are not limited to an alleged breach of contract, but often involve issues such as title defects, land use and zoning, hidden damage, boundary line disputes, and other matters.  Considering the complexity of property disputes, real estate litigation is best handled by an experienced attorney, so that your claim is handled competently and effectively.  Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. provides skilled representation in matters pertaining to property disputes and real estate litigation, drawing upon her extensive experience in these areas.

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. handles a wide range of real estate disputes

Real estate disputes involves many different and complex issues and substantial financial considerations, requiring skilled and experienced legal representation for effective resolution.  Below is an overview of the potential issues that may be involved with real estate litigation.

  • Contract disputes and breach for residential and commercial real estate transactions
  • Construction contracts and building defects
  • Contract defaults by contractors and subcontractors
  • Mortgage default, loss mitigation, foreclosure and general litigation
  • Resolving tax liens and tax foreclosures 
  • Homeowners associations, including officer's liability and liens
  • Landlord-tenant matters, including actions for possession and money judgments
  • Eminent domain, including reasonable compensation
  • Zoning, land use and building permits
  • Encroachments, such as a neighbor's fence or structure extending onto your property
  • Boundary line disputes, such as an error with a legal description or filed map
  • Complex title issues, defects, and claims, such as a third party having a vested title interest that was not properly or fully relinquished, a required easement to provide access, or deed reformation to correct a legal description
  • Mortgage and judgment liens that must be cleared of record 
  • Hidden defects or seller's failure to disclose material defects on the property
  • Partition action to force the sale of real estate where property is held by multiple parties 
  • Property trespass
  • Adverse possession
  • Nuisance on adjacent properties

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. works toward an optimal and expedient resolution for disputes in any of these areas or other issues pertaining to real estate. If  an amicable resolution of your claim is not possible, Ms. Cozzini is thoroughly prepared to litigate your case in court when that presents your best option.  She will advocate for you to protect and enforce your rights in a dispute arising out of a real estate transaction or concerning real property.

Our focus is always your best interest.

If you face legal issues pertaining to real property or a dispute because of a real estate transaction, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. will provide skilled and experienced legal representation on your behalf. 

Ms. Cozzini will first try to resolve your case without the need for litigation, if that is possible. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration are options to consider. Some contracts require binding arbitration or nonbinding mediation to resolve disputes that arise out of the transaction governed by the agreement. Amicable resolution often provides the most expeditious resolution without the cost and risk of protracted litigation.  

If the  matter cannot be amicably resolved upon favorable terms, Ms. Cozzini will engage in the litigation process to fully protect your interests.  Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. will advocate tirelessly on your behalf, to obtain the desired result, in a skilled. methodical, and effective manner. 

Ms. Cozzini will seek to fully protect your rights and interests in and out of court. She provides effective and quality legal representation in all disputes involving real estate law, including residential and commercial propertyl.

Contact Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., if  you are involved in any real estate dispute or litigation.

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