Experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., represents buyers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions.

Commercial real estate transactions present complex issues and substantial financial considerations, requiring a skilled and experienced real estate attorney to effectively navigate the hoops and hurdles for a successful closing. Commercial real estate involves many different types of properties, such as multi-families, retail or office buildings, mixed-use buildings, strip malls, or warehouses, each having their own specific nuances and characteristics. Commercial property can be purchased as an investment or for a business use, with each trajectory raising a different set of considerations.  Commercial transactions may involve many novel issues, such as zoning regulations or approval for an intended use, tenancies, including  review of existing leases, renewals, and rental projections, environmental assessments and any required remediation, inspections, cost to renovate or retrofit existing space,  due diligence to determine if the property is suitable for the intended  use,  resolution of any title issues,  easements or restrictions, property tax considerations, such as any potential abatement or exemption, and  financing considerations for the property acquisition. Potential gain from the sale should also be analyzed and in certain cases, a 1031 tax sale exchange may be utilized to defer any tax consequence.  Whether buying or selling commercial property, a skilled and experienced attorney is necessary to navigate the legal, business, and financial intricacies and risks involved, while protecting your interests and rights throughout the process.  Having successfully closed many commercial real estate transactions and large real estate deals for over 25 years, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. has the necessary skill and experience required to provide  effective representation if you are buying or selling commercial property. 

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., represent clients, including individuals, families, partnerships, corporate entities, developers, builders, and investors, in the purchase and sale of commercial real estate, including the following:

  • multi-families
  • apartment buildings
  • office buildings
  • retail buildings or strip malls
  • mixed use buildings
  • warehouses
  • dental or medical offices
  • agricultural or farm properties
  • vacant land

Buying or selling commercial real estate is a complex matter presenting unique characteristics, substantial financial risks, and significant challenges, requiring an experienced and skilled real estate attorney. Whether you need assistance with the purchase or sale of commercial property, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. provides the quality legal representation required to fully protect your rights and interests, and will guide you each and every step of the way, from contract to closing.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., provides effective and experienced legal representation at each and every step of a commercial real estate transaction, from contract to closing, providing skilled guidance, answering all questions, and keeping the client fully informed throughout the process. Experienced in handling commercial real estate matters, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., is comprehensive in her approach for each and every transaction to provide the best possible outcome for her clients. Meticulous and methodical, Ms. Cozzini handles each stage of the transaction with an attention to detail to fully protect her client's interests. With her extensive knowledge concerning commercial real estate, you can be confident that your investment is secure and your rights and interests are fully protected. Mara R. Cozzini, Esq., can advise you on the potential pros and cons of different contract terms, financing options, payment structures, and negotiation strategies, for a successful transaction,  

A brief overview of services incidental to a commercial real estate transaction include the following, with each transaction presenting unique challenges and complex issues at every step, deserving an experienced commercial real estate attorney for proper resolution and sound legal guidance. 

  • Contract negotiation for the purchase and sale of commercial property, including drafting and preparation of the final agreement between the parties setting forth the agreed upon contract terms 
  • Commercial loan financing, whether bank, private, hard money or private, construction, special programs, and build out loans,  including review of all loan documents, term sheets, conditions, lending costs, and mortgage documents
  • Zoning restrictions and regulations, together with approval for the intended use, land use considerations, and resolution of permit issues
  • Unique and often complex environmental and inspection Issues facing commercial properties, including thorough review of all inspection reports and resolution of any environmental and/or repair issues
  • Review of existing tenancies and leases, any option for renewal and projection of anticipated rental income, including analysis of any rent control ordinance or statute, and negotiation of lease extensions and tenant estoppel agreements 
  • Compliance with applicable laws, such as building registration and inspections
  • Review of the commercial appraisal report and suitability of the property for lending purposes, and negotiation of a price reduction where appropriate, should the property appraise for less than the sale price.
  • Title review and resolution of title defects
  • Survey review and resolution of any survey exceptions
  • Review of any applicable easements or restrictions, and the effect on the intended business use
  • Preparation of business, partnership, or shareholder agreements for the purchase or sale of commercial property
  • Commercial real estate closings, including preparation, review, and approval of all closing documents, review of closing costs, and proper disbursements and payments on behalf of the buyer and/or seller, resulting in delivery of the deed and keys to the buyer and payment of the sale proceeds to the seller
  • Complete 1031 tax sale exchange where applicable
  • Resolution of bulk sale issues
  • Any other services specific to your transaction

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., provides legal representation in all aspects of commercial real estate.  If you have a zoning question, property line dispute, question regarding a commercial lease or existing tenant, need assistance with financing, or any other issue pertaining to your commercial real estate, please contact Ms. Cozzini for a free initial consultation to discuss your specific situation.  

Experienced attorney represents parties in commercial lease transactions.

As an experienced real estate attorney, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., also assists landlords and tenants is commercial lease transactions.  Whether you are the landlord or tenant, Ms. Cozzini will provide the skilled representation and strong advocacy required to negotiate and resolve lease terms for your commercial endeavor, whether for a multi-family, office or retail space, or warehouse.  Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., has extensive experience with all aspects of commercial real estate, including commercial lease transactions, representing both landlords and tenants in lease review, negotiation, and preparation, as well as sublease agreements, extensions, or assignments. 

A commercial lease is often negotiated for an extended time period, with options to renew and automatic rate increases, commonly shifting responsibility for repairs and payment of expenses from the landlord to the tenant, and possibly involving substantial build out costs, whether paid by the landlord or tenant.  A commercial lease is usually complex, involving substantial financial considerations, having an impact on the both the resale value of the property and the tenant's business interests for years to come.  A clear and concise lease agreement, properly setting forth the rights and obligations of the parties, will minimize any future disputes, but requires effective and skilled legal representation. 

Should the unfortunate situation arise where legal assistance is later required as a result of a dispute arising in connection with a commercial lease transaction or non-payment, Ms. Cozzini provides quality representation for landlords and tenants in those instances. 

Commercial leases require the skilled representation of an experienced real estate attorney and should not be negotiated or entered without sound legal guidance, considering the costs and risks involved. If you are considering a commercial lease, whether as the landlord or tenant, or if you are involved in a lease dispute, contact the Law Office of Maria R, Cozzini, LLC for quality and effective legal representation.


As part of the real estate transaction, the Law Office of Maria R. Cozzini, LLC will never request a wire transfer from you.  Do not ever send a wire without first personally confirming the wiring instructions with the recipient, even if you receive an email that appears to have been sent by someone involved in your transaction.  Emails are intercepted and wiring instructions changed.  Real estate transactions are targeted for wire fraud.  Do not be a victim.  Proceed with extreme caution  and always verify wiring instructions personally with the recipient.  

Contact a knowledgeable and experienced commercial real estate attorney.

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. provides quality legal representation for clients involved with all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including the sale, purchase, or lease of property. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. at (908) 232-2414  or contact us online.