Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation 

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., provides skilled and effective legal representation in foreclosure and loss mitigation on behalf of borrowers and creditors.


For a creditor, a defaulted mortgage loan can result in a substantial monetary loss and have significant financial implications.  Effective legal representation is required to protect the creditor's rights and interests, by taking appropriate action to minimize loss and maximize recovery.  Creditor protection requires methodical and aggressive legal representation to successfully navigate the foreclosure and bankruptcy process, and potential loss mitigation options.  Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., provides quality legal representation for creditors when faced with non-performing or defaulted mortgage loans.


For a borrower, potential foreclosure of a residential or commercial mortgage loan can be devastating.  Foreclosures are at record high numbers, often due to a change in economic conditions, or the result of a job loss, disability, or a death in the family. A borrower may be faced with the potential loss of their property, after paying a mortgage for many years with the expectation of building wealth.  Loss of commercial property can affect the future existence of a business.  However, loss of a home can be extremely stressful for a family.  A foreclosure can have traumatic and far-reaching implications, whether for a residential or commercial property.  

Lenders often prefer to work with defaulting borrowers facing financial difficulty, rather than proceeding with a time-consuming and expensive foreclosure action. Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., combines innovative ideas with effective strategies to help you keep your property. Depending upon your lender's willingness to work with you and your financial situation, such options may include a loan modification agreement or a forbearance plan, where payments are paused until a hardship is resolved. When selling is a better way to proceed, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., will guide you toward the most advantageous situation and exit strategy. 

If the default cannot be resolved through loss mitigation options, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., is ready to assist with methodical and aggressive legal action, including foreclosure defense.  Bankruptcy options will also be considered, which may provide additional time to cure a default or to sell a property, and in certain situations, a mortgage lien can even be removed or reduced, providing substantial benefit for the borrower.  You can rely on Ms. Cozzini's ability to make use of all available remedies to help you keep your property or to stay in your home. 

Please refer to the Practice Areas Section of this Website, under Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation, for detailed information regarding services provided by this firm on behalf of both creditors and borrowers. 

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