Business Law

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., provides legal representation to businesses in a wide range of areas.

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., provides legal representation for all types of businesses, from start-up, through growth, and eventual dissolution. Ms. Cozzini helps businesses be proactive and plan, so that legal problems can be avoided. Her goal is to help you run your business as efficiently and profitably as possible, but she is ready to assist with any dispute that should arise.

When you are ready to open a new business or take your current business to the next level, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., can help ensure that you do so in a way that provides you with the tax and liability protections that best fit your short and long term plans. She review business plans and advises on issues involved in business formation and maintenance, insurance coverage, investment strategies, and corporate compliance issues. She works closely with business owners, providing individualized, strategic advice to help their businesses run smoothly and efficiently, so that they may grow and prosper. Ms. Cozzini assists with business formation, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, negotiates and drafts contracts, including  membership and shareholder agreements, non-competition agreements, and buy-and-sell agreements, assists with compliance measures, and represent businesses in dissolution, disputes, and litigation.

Business Services Provided

BUSINESS FORMATION - Selecting the correct type of business entity and properly forming the entity are crucial for the success of any business. The choice will have drastic tax consequences and determine whether the employees and owners will be protected from personal liability. We provide advice on choosing the right type of entity, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations, and will assist with the formation and filing of the new entity. We negotiate and draft agreements among the owners, such as partnership or membership agreements. We counsel owners on tax and succession planning and on planning to protect business owners’ personal assets. 

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION, DRAFTING AND REVIEW -  Contracts or agreements set the terms of business and employment relationships, and their terms significantly affect a business’ operations and bottom line, both in revenue and expenses. Therefore,  contract negotiation, drafting and review are critical to the success of any business and require experienced and skilled representation. 

BUSINESS OPERATIONS - Once the business is formed, many legal issues arise in ongoing business operations. We work with business owners to navigate these legal hopes ad hurdles so that our clients can focus on their core business and make money.  We can serve as general counsel to a business or provide general business law advice and guidance as needed. We provide advice regarding legal issues in corporate governance, control and management. 

BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS AND FINANCING - We represent and counsel businesses and business owners, whether as buyers or sellers, borrowers or lenders, in many different types of business transactions. We ensure that our clients’ rights and interests are fully protected. We strive to close transactions efficiently and effectively.  

REAL ESTATE AND PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS - We have extensive experience representing parties and businesses in all aspects of commercial real estate, from negotiations, to due diligence, to closing, including commercial real estate sales, purchases and leasing.  

BUSINESS LITIGATION - Business disputes often arise, whether with clients or customers, vendors, competitors, employees or other owners.  We are prepared to assist with any dispute.  If the matter cannot be resolved amicably, Maria R. Cozzini, Esq. is ready to aggressively pursue your rights and interests through methodical and skilled litigation. We can provided experienced representation in a wide-range of business litigation from negotiations to mediation, arbitration, and trials. We also represent businesses in the collection of their accounts receivables.

DISSOLUTION - Even the most successful businesses will eventually come to an end, perhaps due to retirement, a dispute among the owners, or a change in market conditions. An experienced attorney is required for a smooth and orderly dissolution of a business.

Maria R. Cozzini, Esq., helps business owners navigate legal requirements and challenges.

Maria Cozzini, Esq., will consider your specific business goals and devise thorough strategies to support your business interests. Ms. Cozzini reviews clients’ business plans and advises on all matters involved in properly forming, maintaining and dissolving a business, and resolving disputes, whether amicably or through effective litigation.

Clients may benefit from our advice regarding:

  • Business formation, including partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies
  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Non-Competition agreements
  • Shareholder, member, and partnership agreements
  • Business dissolution
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Due diligence
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Contract disputes 

For individuals who are not well versed in New Jersey business law, it can be easy to overlook certain legal requirements and end up in trouble. We provide informed guidance for businesses of all sizes and at all stages, so that we may address potential legal issues before they arise..

Business Disputes

Disputes with employees, customers, vendors, or other companies can put a strain on a business and affect consumer confidence. When breach of contract or shareholder arguments arise, Maria Cozzini, Esq., works to resolve them as efficiently and favorably as possible. Ms. Cozzini is prepared to handle business legal issues of any size or complexity. She is a seasoned negotiator who can advocate for your interests regardless of the challenges you face. If litigation becomes unavoidable, we work tirelessly to keep your business safe and protect your financial interests.


The Law Office of Maria R. Cozzini, LLC will never request a wire transfer from you. Do not ever send a wire without first personally confirming the wiring instructions with the recipient, even if you receive an email that appears to have been sent by someone involved in your transaction.  Emails are intercepted and wiring instructions changed.  Business transactions are targeted for wire fraud.  Do not be a victim.  Proceed with extreme caution  and always verify wiring instructions personally with the recipient.

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